How We Can Assist Your Loved One in a Wheelchair

Many seniors are in a wheelchair because it is difficult for them to walk safely on their own or medical reasons. When your loved one is in a wheelchair, it can be difficult for them to move around the house and accomplish daily tasks on their own. Discover a few things below that we can assist your family member with when you turn to us for senior home care in Norwalk, CT.

Transferring In and Out of the Wheelchair

Whether your loved one is getting out of bed in the morning or needs assistance getting off of the couch after watching their favorite show, you can rely on the caregivers from Home Care Connectors to be there.

Bathroom Assistance

When seniors are in a wheelchair, they may find it challenging to use the restroom without any assistance. Our trained caregivers will safely help your loved one during this process.

Bathing Assistance

Bathing is essential for your loved one, and our caregivers can help them, so they can feel refreshed after bathing.

These tasks might not seem complicated, but for aging loved ones in a wheelchair, it seems impossible. Call (203) 489-0919 to learn more about our senior home care in Norwalk, CT.

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