3 Ways Our Team Provides Fall Prevention for Seniors in Norwalk, CT

When a loved one reaches a certain point in their life, you cannot help but worry about them falling when they are on their own. Our trained staff is here to assist your loved ones by providing fall prevention for seniors in Norwalk, CT. Discover some ways we can help protect your loved one from falling down.

Clear Pathways- There are a couple of reasons that cause seniors to fall down and sometimes it is because there is something in the walkway. It could be the edge of a rug that is not laying correctly or an actual object is on the floor. We can walk through your loved one’s home and analyze the risk factor.

Sitting and Standing- Sometimes seniors sit down or stand up too quickly, which can cause them to fall down to the ground. Our caregivers are trained to help seniors who are ready to sit down or stand up.

Transferring to and from a Wheelchair- Getting out of bed and into a wheelchair can be difficult and often scary for seniors. Our caregivers can assist with this process to help prevent them from falling.

Bathing- Many seniors fear bathing because of the slippery floors, but our team members can assist with bathing to provide our clients peace of mind.

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Fall Prevention for Seniors Norwalk CT