Help Your Loved One Out with Housekeeping Services for Seniors

Often, our loved ones struggle with maintaining their home on their own, but do not want to admit it. Let our team members help ease the pressure of keeping their home clean with our homemaking services. Take a look at somethings we can assist your family member with below.

Cooking- For your family member to maintain their strength, they need to eat nutritional meals every day. We will help with meal preparation and if required, we can also cook the meals.

Light Housekeeping- We understand how keeping a clean house can become increasingly more difficult for aging loved ones. Let us tackle the tasks of vacuuming, dusting, moving items out of the walkway, and more.

Laundry- We can help with laundry, whether it is clothing or bedding.

Manage Third-Parties- Doing yard work is most likely out of the question for your family member, so they probably have a specific landscaper to maintain their yard. We can communicate on their behalf with landscapers, contractors, pet sitters, and other third-party services that are needed.

If you are eager to learn more about home care services in Greenwich, CT, you can dial (203) 489-0919 right now. We will explain precisely how we can assist your loved one.

Home Care Services Greenwich CT