3 Benefits of Senior Transportation in Greenwich

Many seniors want to get out of the house, but are unable to drive themselves which causes them to sit at home all alone. Here at Home Care Connectors, we provide senior transportation in Greenwich to make it easy for the elderly to get from place to place.  Listed below are just three benefits of our transportation service.

Appointments- Our caregivers can drive your loved one to their healthcare appointments. It can be difficult for a family member to take off of work and drive them to a doctor’s office. That’s when our caregivers can step in and help out.

Grocery Shopping- If your loved one needs transportation to the local grocery store, we can drive them. It is essential that your family member can buy groceries when they need it. We can also drive our clients to the pharmacy, so they can fill their prescriptions in a timely manner.

Hair Dresser- Looking good can help seniors feel better, which is why we offer transportation to a hair salon.

The caregivers at Home Care Connectors want to help your loved one regain their freedom by offering senior transportation in Greenwich. You can request more information about this service by calling us at (203) 489-0919 today.