What Does Personal Care Include?

When your loved one needs assistance throughout the day, you need to make sure there is someone there to help them if you are unable to be there. Not everyone can take care of their aging parents or family members 24/7, so people often turn to a home care agency in Greenwich, CT. Every person needs a different level of care and at Home Care Connectors, we can assist everyone’s needs. Listed below are just a few personal care services we can provide to your loved ones.

Bathing- Taking a bath or shower is a simple task, but it can be dangerous for aging loved ones. The risk of falling is very high when there is water involved, but our trained caregivers can assist with bathing.

Dental Care- This includes brushing teeth or dentures. Our caregivers can remind them and assist with the actual brushing.

Grooming- Brushing one’s hair can be a difficult task, so our caregivers can help. We can even help with their skincare routine.

Changing Clothes- Getting dressed can be challenging for some people, which is why we are trained to help individuals change clothes safely.

Assistance Using Bathroom- Some people are unable to use the restroom by themselves, so we can help with this too.

To inquire about our other services, you can give us a call at (203) 489-0919 today.

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