Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

We understand you worry about your aging loved ones, especially when you cannot be there with them all of the time. Let us step in and help care for your family members. We provide a variety of services that will help keep loved ones safe, healthy, and happy.

Fall Prevention- Our caregivers can pick up items that are in the middle of walkways to ensure your loved one doesn’t trip. We can also assist with walking, transferring from a seat to a wheelchair, and other safety precautions.

Security- Sometimes our loved ones can be forgetful and it can leave them vulnerable. Our caregivers can lock up the house by checking all the doors and windows. We will double check to make sure the oven, space heaters, and other appliances are turned off. 

Companionship- Keeping your loved ones safe and healthy is a priority, but we also want to keep them happy which is why we offer companion care. By having someone to talk with and do activities with, your family member doesn’t have to sit at home alone.

Reach out to our home care agency in Greenwich, CT, by calling (203) 489-0919 and discover how we can help care for your family member.

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