Learn About Dementia Care

If your family member is diagnosed with dementia, you might be wondering how you are going to provide the heighten level of care they need. Here at Home Care Connectors, we help families just like yours by bringing experienced caregivers to your loved one’s home. Listed below are just a few activities our caregivers can do to entertain your loved one.

Supervised Walks

Walking around in familiar places outside can be refreshing for your loved one. We’ll accompany them to make sure they are safe at all times. It feels good to get outside, especially if they are unable to get out much on their own. Our caregivers pay extra attention to the weather to ensure the conditions are suitable.

Art Projects

When the weather is not ideal for strolls outside, our caregivers have plenty of art projects for your loved one to stay busy. From scrapbooking to making crafts, our caregivers will pick projects that interest your loved one.


If they’re not feeling up to walking or art projects, our caregivers will be there to connect with your loved one through conversations. Having engaging discussions are beneficial to aging loved ones.

If you would like additional information on dementia care in Darien, CT, please call (203) 489-0919 today.

Dementia Care Darien CT