Senior Companion Care


Does your loved one sit at home all alone? It can be very beneficial to talk with someone to help the mind and body stay active. At Home Care Connectors, we offer senior companion care in Greenwich, CT, and the surrounding areas. Our caregivers will engage and encourage your loved ones as much as possible. To create a lasting bond with clients, our caregivers will spend time talking, playing games, and participating in projects. Take a look at a more detailed list below.

  • Engaging and stimulating conversations
  • Encouraging brain games including puzzles, cards, and crosswords
  •  Exciting activities such as cooking favorite meals, gardening, and scrapbooking

Let us brighten your loved one’s day with engaging conversations and activities they will enjoy. If you would like additional information about companion care in Greenwich, you can give us a call at (203) 489-0919 right now. We also offer other services including senior transportation, safety supervision, and housekeeping for seniors in Greenwich.